Kik is a messenger app. It was launched on 19th of October in 2010. This app is for free and uses internet to exchange messages, photos, videos and other stuff between users. WhatsApp is also an messenger app. It was launched in January 2009. It is a cross platform application. It is for free and uses internet for exchange of messages, photos, documents, contacts ad much more.

Which is better?

Now there are so many apps worldwide that it creates a confusion as to which one to use. Mainly people go for the most popular one or for the one that is for free. What people should really go on is the features being offered by the app. The privacy and security being assured by the app. So if you have to choose between Kik and WhatsApp, which one would you choose? Here are some points that can help you to decide.

    • WhatsApp asks for your mobile number to register while Kik does not. Kik is popular because it provides you anonymity. You do not have to register your number and only your username is seen by others. So no one can know whether it is your account whereas in WhatsApp you have to register with your number and people will know who you are. You have to Login with your number. So if you are looking for anonymity then choose Kik.
    • There is less possibility of fake people on WhatsApp as compared to Kik. WhatsApp requires numbers to register so that people can always check each other up on TrueCaller whereas on Kik it is easier to create fake ID and fool someone. So if you are looking for genuine IDs then choose WhatsApp.
    • Everything on Kik. It has a built in web browser so you can check Facebook or Twitter through Kik only and you need not to open other tabs for these. You can chat and do the other stuff too while WhatsApp is just a messenger. So if you want to save space on you smartphones then click here to do Kik login.
    • ‘Encryption of messages through WhatsApp’. It encrypts every chat that you do. So only you have access to your messages even if someone takes your back up and tries to read your chat. Kik does not have encryption and anyone can read your messages. So if you want your messages to be safe then use WhatsApp.
    • You cannot change your username on Kik. For one phone the username will always be the same whereas on WhatsApp as mobile numbers are used you can create multiple accounts by just simply replacing the SIM card. So if you want more than one account choose WhatsApp.

Final Say

Choose according to your requirement. Both the apps are good ways of chatting and sharing information. They both are easy to operate. You want you can also deactivate your account on Kik and then later reactivate it. Here’s how to deactivate Kik in few steps. The same can be done on WhatsApp. They both are free and use internet instead of balance.

Because of technology developing quickly, manufacturers now take a step up in their game by developing new models of smartphones and laptops. But the new trend is fusing both popular devices and creating a new invention: The tablet. It isn’t exactly a whole new creation, but it’s definitely becoming popular for many, as it provides a great gaming or work experience without having to lug a huge laptop, nor being limited by the small screen of a smartphone! A bit bigger than a smartphone but more portable than a laptop, these tablets are perfect for those who want to play games outside their home, or for businessmen who need to do a quick presentation.


Smartphones Catch Up With Tablets

But smartphones are now also being upgraded, with screens becoming bigger and features that are now competing with tablets.

Smartphones and tablets are now becoming similar due to the fact that they have similar apps, with the ability to stream videos from apps such as ShowBox. Showbox is an example of an app that is available in any platform and can have you watch your favorite movies and television shows with ease. And because it can be installed for free in both phone or tablet, it has increased the heat of the debate between tablets and smartphones.

Here are the pros and cons of a tablet and phone:

Pros of a Smartphone

  • With smaller screens, it is much easier to type with. You can easily text or call anyone.
  • More portable than a tablet and can be brought anywhere. You can even hold it while on the go.
  • More accessories available for smartphones
  • You will be able to take photos easily with a smaller screen. Smartphones are known to have better camera quality than tablets.

Cons of a Smartphone

  • Resolution is not as high as a tablet
  • Difficult to create presentations or to view files

Pros of a Tablet

  • This is best when it comes to playing media such as books or videos
  • It has a higher screen resolution, so gaming is better on a tablet
  • You will be able to convert it to a laptop with a detachable keyboard, so it’s great for presentations and work
  • While it is easier to text on a smartphone, you will be able to easily manage emails and instant messages on a tablet.

Cons of a Tablet

  • Not as portable as a smartphone, and you may need a bigger bag to carry it around.
  • There are less accessories available for a tablet

So which one would you purchase? While they have different pros and cons, it’s all up to you and your lifestyle, as well as your preference for big screens and resolution. Do your research on the different types of models each brand offers, and base your final decision from there. After all, it isn’t a cheap investment and will require time and effort in choosing the best device for you!

Recommended : Updated version ShowBox for PC is now available for download.

Trampolines are something that can be very beneficial for an entire family. Kids can use it to enjoy and get rid of their daily stress, they even exercise when they play on a trampoline. Adults can use for small regular exercise to keep their body fit and toned. However, there are a lot more uses of a trampoline and a lot more interesting facts. Well, Here we are to tell you some interesting and amazing facts about trampolines and you can check out this page for more information on the best trampolines.


  • The very first trampoline was invented by George Nissen in his own garage back in 1936.
  • The very first and simple idea behind trampoline were to use the net suspended by poles on all sides to launch people high up performing tricks in mid-air.
  • Trampoline got its name from a Spanish word “El Trampolin” which in English means “Diving Board”.
  • Trampoline also played a major role in World War II. During the great war, trampolines were used in order to train pilots, which helped them to learn the body positions as well as the sensations that they will get during flights.
  • The very first trampoline contest was unofficial and was held in the United States in 1947. Soon it was followed by many official trampoline events.
  • The world’s first trampoline championship was officially held in London in the year 1964. It was won by gymnasts named Dam Millman and Judy Wills.
  • Many of you might not know but a sport named ‘Trampolining’ is a sport in Olympics. It was added in the Sydney Olympics held in the year 2000.
  • The most successful trampolinist in the trampoline history was Alexander Mosekalenko who won 1 Gold as well as 1 Silver medal in Olympic trampolinist event.
  • During a trampolining event, there are at least 4 spotters standing around the trampoline where the trampolinists are performing during in order to prevent any kind of accident and injury.
  • When a trampolinist performs on a trampoline, the average G-Force acting on his or her body for every move is around 14.2G.
  • The world’s largest trampoline is present in Kent. The architect actually builds it inside a cavern which is located deep inside 60ft wide and 100 ft deep former slate mine.
  • You might have always thought of going higher and higher while jumping on a trampoline. However, the highest trampoline jump made by a team is 6.73 meters. The record was set by Sean, Eric and TJ Kennedy in the year 2014.
  • Well, talking about records, there is some weird record set by outstanding people on a trampoline as well. Paul Starosciak set a record of most jumps on a trampoline while grabbing a bar in his hand. The record is 39 times and was set in 2014.

Also, a person named Ben Hogan made a record of having most consecutive alternating back/front flips, i.e. 102 times, on a trampoline, in the year 2015. Trampolines have come a long way. Nowadays, there are all sorts of trampolines suitable for different kind of needs, such as rectangle trampoline, toddler trampoline, round trampoline, square trampoline etc. That’s all for today, I’ll see you guys in my next post!

Let’s start by defining hard water – hard water comes from the ground, often from aquifers. An aquifer is an underground rock bed where water gets collected from rains or groundwater. When the water flows through the aquifer, it picks up mineral content which is dissolved, from rocks and sand particles. Hard water is basically just water containing salts of magnesium, calcium, carbonates, and manganese.

Hard water is not necessarily bad for human health, but it can prove to be harmful to your appliances which use water. It should be kept in check. Its effects can  completely be negated by a top-end water softener.

Now do you really need a water softener?


The simplest way to answer the question is by finding out if the water you are using, is actually hard water. If the answer is yes, then the next step would be to ask yourself if you require a water softener. Hard water can prove to be problematic in the long run. The most expensive problems would be dealing with your pipes, plumbing, and appliances which use water. When hard water flows through the pipe, the mineral content it carries may build up inside the pipe. Over the years, it may result in the formation of a lining of a rocky substance called limescale in the inside of the pipes. This limescale restricts the flow of water causing a decline in the pressure you get out of your pipes.

The water softener comes to the rescue to tackle these problems.

The Best Water Softener Reviews and Ratings are as follows:

  1. The fleck 5600 SXT will surely give you a run for your money. It’s ranked at the number one spot based on the following- cost,selection, DIY enthusiasts and, customer reviews.

This unit grabs 5 stars on all fronts, making it a must-buy with great value for your money.

It’s priced at 600$ which is very reasonable. It is available at Amazon, making it a solid choice for DIY guys. It has a 48k capacity which makes it very efficient. It treats up to 12 gallons per minute. The fleck 5600 SXT comes with a  5-year warranty on the control head and a  10-year warranty on the tank. This machine is capable of softening hard water for a household of 3-6 people with moderate to very hard water depending on the water usage. The one giving tough competition to Fleck is Nuvo H20

You can also consider some other options like,

  1. The Aquasana 1,000,000 gallon

It uses a mechanical prefilter along with two chemical filters and a saltless water softener which creates a complete water conditioning solution for your household.

This product comes with a 90-day guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product you can ask for a replacement. It also has a 10-year warranty on parts and equipment.

  1. GE 30,400

It’s a salt-based water softener which employs a resin bed to remove minerals from your water supply.

They’ve low, mid-range and high budget options which appeal to a lot of people with different budgets. However, each budget option offers only one model. so the selection is pretty limited. If  you don’t like the model, or if it doesn’t have the features which you want, you would have to switch over to a new brand altogether.

Here are some other brands you can consider:

Kenmore etc.

For more information on Water Softners, visit

In today’s era, everyone is desirous of watching new movies. Sometimes people also wish to watch the same movie again. But then one won’t like to stand in a long line before the ticket counter to buy the pricey tickets and as far as the old movies are concerned, you will have to wait for a long time until and unless it is broadcasted on the television. But then there is no need to worry because the solution is in your hands, and it is: you own iPhone! Well, yes. Your high class iPhone has the solutions in regards to this. You can watch all the old and new movies on it by just downloading an App named: Movie Box. It is an outstanding App for downloading videos for your iPhone and tablet.

Comprehending Movie Box


Movie Box is an online video app that is absolutely free and is available for iPhone, iPod, et cetera. It enables one to stream and download the movies without charging you even a single penny. There is no anomaly in it and you can enjoy watching your beloved movies in High Definition. In addition to this, it is not at all complicated to operate it. You can search for your favorite movies in accordance to the genre and year it belongs to. It is not at all time-consuming. You even get the merit of adjusting the volume of the movie by adjusting the level in iTunes. The content about the new movies is regularly updated for your convenience. Users can use other applications as well while downloading movies through this application.


Now let throw some light on the characteristics of this app:

  • This App enables you to create a different ‘watch’ and ‘watched’ list.
  • You can go about discovering your adorned movies, both new and old.
  • You can also hunt down the rated movie and can also give reviews in regards to it.
  • Language is not a problem. It supports the following languages: Turkish, English, French and German.
  • It is not at all complicated to get updated about the new movie.
  • You can enjoy watching the trailers of the novice movies.
  • You have the freedom to share the stuff.
  • You have got the chance to go through the synopsis of the movie.
  • You can also obtain the posters and work of art.

How to install the Movie Box app?

Thus MovieBox has emerged as one of the trusted applications across the globe. Now there is no requirement to stand and struggle at the movie ticket counter and you do not have to wait for your cable operator to telecast your favorite movie. It can be downloaded for free and you can enjoy watching your beloved movies without bothering your pocket. It streams the movies and it is not at all complicated to use it. Apart from the movies, you can also enjoy watching your adored TV shows and not much hassle is required to download it. So get the app and download it to watch unlimited movies!