Some Amazing Facts about Trampoline

Trampolines are something that can be very beneficial for an entire family. Kids can use it to enjoy and get rid of their daily stress, they even exercise when they play on a trampoline. Adults can use for small regular exercise to keep their body fit and toned. However, there are a lot more uses of a trampoline and a lot more interesting facts. Well, Here we are to tell you some interesting and amazing facts about trampolines and you can check out this page for more information on the best trampolines.


  • The very first trampoline was invented by George Nissen in his own garage back in 1936.
  • The very first and simple idea behind trampoline were to use the net suspended by poles on all sides to launch people high up performing tricks in mid-air.
  • Trampoline got its name from a Spanish word “El Trampolin” which in English means “Diving Board”.
  • Trampoline also played a major role in World War II. During the great war, trampolines were used in order to train pilots, which helped them to learn the body positions as well as the sensations that they will get during flights.
  • The very first trampoline contest was unofficial and was held in the United States in 1947. Soon it was followed by many official trampoline events.
  • The world’s first trampoline championship was officially held in London in the year 1964. It was won by gymnasts named Dam Millman and Judy Wills.
  • Many of you might not know but a sport named ‘Trampolining’ is a sport in Olympics. It was added in the Sydney Olympics held in the year 2000.
  • The most successful trampolinist in the trampoline history was Alexander Mosekalenko who won 1 Gold as well as 1 Silver medal in Olympic trampolinist event.
  • During a trampolining event, there are at least 4 spotters standing around the trampoline where the trampolinists are performing during in order to prevent any kind of accident and injury.
  • When a trampolinist performs on a trampoline, the average G-Force acting on his or her body for every move is around 14.2G.
  • The world’s largest trampoline is present in Kent. The architect actually builds it inside a cavern which is located deep inside 60ft wide and 100 ft deep former slate mine.
  • You might have always thought of going higher and higher while jumping on a trampoline. However, the highest trampoline jump made by a team is 6.73 meters. The record was set by Sean, Eric and TJ Kennedy in the year 2014.
  • Well, talking about records, there is some weird record set by outstanding people on a trampoline as well. Paul Starosciak set a record of most jumps on a trampoline while grabbing a bar in his hand. The record is 39 times and was set in 2014.

Also, a person named Ben Hogan made a record of having most consecutive alternating back/front flips, i.e. 102 times, on a trampoline, in the year 2015. Trampolines have come a long way. Nowadays, there are all sorts of trampolines suitable for different kind of needs, such as rectangle trampoline, toddler trampoline, round trampoline, square trampoline etc. That’s all for today, I’ll see you guys in my next post!

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