Tablet or Smartphone: Which is Better?

Because of technology developing quickly, manufacturers now take a step up in their game by developing new models of smartphones and laptops. But the new trend is fusing both popular devices and creating a new invention: The tablet. It isn’t exactly a whole new creation, but it’s definitely becoming popular for many, as it provides a great gaming or work experience without having to lug a huge laptop, nor being limited by the small screen of a smartphone! A bit bigger than a smartphone but more portable than a laptop, these tablets are perfect for those who want to play games outside their home, or for businessmen who need to do a quick presentation.


Smartphones Catch Up With Tablets

But smartphones are now also being upgraded, with screens becoming bigger and features that are now competing with tablets.

Smartphones and tablets are now becoming similar due to the fact that they have similar apps, with the ability to stream videos from apps such as ShowBox. Showbox is an example of an app that is available in any platform and can have you watch your favorite movies and television shows with ease. And because it can be installed for free in both phone or tablet, it has increased the heat of the debate between tablets and smartphones.

Here are the pros and cons of a tablet and phone:

Pros of a Smartphone

  • With smaller screens, it is much easier to type with. You can easily text or call anyone.
  • More portable than a tablet and can be brought anywhere. You can even hold it while on the go.
  • More accessories available for smartphones
  • You will be able to take photos easily with a smaller screen. Smartphones are known to have better camera quality than tablets.

Cons of a Smartphone

  • Resolution is not as high as a tablet
  • Difficult to create presentations or to view files

Pros of a Tablet

  • This is best when it comes to playing media such as books or videos
  • It has a higher screen resolution, so gaming is better on a tablet
  • You will be able to convert it to a laptop with a detachable keyboard, so it’s great for presentations and work
  • While it is easier to text on a smartphone, you will be able to easily manage emails and instant messages on a tablet.

Cons of a Tablet

  • Not as portable as a smartphone, and you may need a bigger bag to carry it around.
  • There are less accessories available for a tablet

So which one would you purchase? While they have different pros and cons, it’s all up to you and your lifestyle, as well as your preference for big screens and resolution. Do your research on the different types of models each brand offers, and base your final decision from there. After all, it isn’t a cheap investment and will require time and effort in choosing the best device for you!

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