KIK V/S WhatsApp – Which messenger is better?

Kik is a messenger app. It was launched on 19th of October in 2010. This app is for free and uses internet to exchange messages, photos, videos and other stuff between users. WhatsApp is also an messenger app. It was launched in January 2009. It is a cross platform application. It is for free and uses internet for exchange of messages, photos, documents, contacts ad much more.

Which is better?

Now there are so many apps worldwide that it creates a confusion as to which one to use. Mainly people go for the most popular one or for the one that is for free. What people should really go on is the features being offered by the app. The privacy and security being assured by the app. So if you have to choose between Kik and WhatsApp, which one would you choose? Here are some points that can help you to decide.

    • WhatsApp asks for your mobile number to register while Kik does not. Kik is popular because it provides you anonymity. You do not have to register your number and only your username is seen by others. So no one can know whether it is your account whereas in WhatsApp you have to register with your number and people will know who you are. You have to Login with your number. So if you are looking for anonymity then choose Kik.
    • There is less possibility of fake people on WhatsApp as compared to Kik. WhatsApp requires numbers to register so that people can always check each other up on TrueCaller whereas on Kik it is easier to create fake ID and fool someone. So if you are looking for genuine IDs then choose WhatsApp.
    • Everything on Kik. It has a built in web browser so you can check Facebook or Twitter through Kik only and you need not to open other tabs for these. You can chat and do the other stuff too while WhatsApp is just a messenger. So if you want to save space on you smartphones then click here to do Kik login.
    • ‘Encryption of messages through WhatsApp’. It encrypts every chat that you do. So only you have access to your messages even if someone takes your back up and tries to read your chat. Kik does not have encryption and anyone can read your messages. So if you want your messages to be safe then use WhatsApp.
    • You cannot change your username on Kik. For one phone the username will always be the same whereas on WhatsApp as mobile numbers are used you can create multiple accounts by just simply replacing the SIM card. So if you want more than one account choose WhatsApp.

Final Say

Choose according to your requirement. Both the apps are good ways of chatting and sharing information. They both are easy to operate. You want you can also deactivate your account on Kik and then later reactivate it. Here’s how to deactivate Kik in few steps. The same can be done on WhatsApp. They both are free and use internet instead of balance.

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